Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-6-15-16

Kinda what we’ve been waiting for, flows are IDEAL now on the Truckee River.

About 550 here in the Hirsch, and a few hundred more down below. Prime, prime time. Green drakes are out in force, and caddis and more caddis. Trouts are moving into the middle slots and pocket water. Good time to bust out the tight line nymph rig. If you don’t like nymphing, June is a great streamer month, or fish dries blind, some fish will pop up on them. Had a big brown eat a drake the other day when he didn’t show himself. Go out right before dark and look for fish rising.

So this is the best fishing up here we’ve had in years. 4 years.

It’s still the Truckee River so limit your expectations. If you have visions of two feet browns in your head and you’ve never fly fished, it might take a few tries, get me? These fish are the real deal and will pull most others around by the tail. If you get a grab, great. Stick that fish and land him, because you don’t get a ton of those on this river. Grabs are fish to a guide.

Go into Mountain Hardware in Truckee and get some good flies. Get some local shit that works around here. Get a Truckee River map and learn where some access is.

Gonna be a good summer.



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