Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-6-20-16

Going to heat up this week big time on the Truckee River. 100’s in the valley, and I bet we will push near 90’s in the Hirsch. Not that stoked on the hot weather. Wears you down if you have to be out in it every day. At least it’s cool in the water.

Water temps right now are about perfect for the Truckee River. Mid 50’s. Flows have been fluctuating rather wildly since this weekend. It did get down in the mid 350 range here and is now about back up to about 450 cfs. When the flows lower, or rise 100 cfs in the same day, not so good for the fishing. That can and will put the bite off. So hopefully flows stay consistent. I think there will be a lot of that this summer, I bet more than summers past because of the new water management plan for the Truckee River.

Get out after them. Nymph up with my G-6 caddis and say a stone or something like that, swing some crays, or bust out the big attractor dries. This is a good window right now to fish. Very soon it will be to warm to fish in the afternoons. Go back in the evening and look for risers. I like the, 8- to about noon range this time of year, seems like that is when the fish and the bugs are most active. Afternoons in the direct sun just aren’t that awesome to get fish. Every bug that is available to trout are out right now and in the drift at some point during the day, goldens, drakes, sallies, caddis, etc.. You can’t go that wrong with fly selection right now.




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