Truckee River Fishing Report-7-6-16

Still pretty good out on the T. Not much change since last post. Actually good one day, not so good the next. Kinda typical summertime fishing on the Truckee River.

Trouts are in the faster oxygenated water. Water temps are still very good, but it is getting warmer in the afternoons.

You will have your good days this time of year, and your not so good. I think Truckee River fish move a lot during the summer months. Moving to find the correct water temps, moving to get away from pressure,(people) or most importantly moving to find food. I guess the angler should move a lot too. Covering water will help, fishing faster oxygenated water will help. I could be wrong, but being on the river every day, that’s my guess. Tight line nymphing is a great way to fish this time of year. Getting your flies down to the fish through the slotted pocket water. Some days you can rack up some numbers if you find them, and others you just may get a few grabs.

But the weather is nice. Cool nights and nice sunny warm days, and good flows for our fish. I’ve been fishing mornings until about noon. Coming home and playing Dad in the afternoons.

Remember, I have a tight line nymphing clinic on Saturday July 23rd, (sold out), and Saturday July 30th, open.

Here is a mainly tight line video from a few winters back.


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