Truckee River Fishing Report-7-21-16

Summers rolling right along. Good flows on the Truckee River and Little Truckee River, warm weather, and good consistent fishing.

Looks like we’ll have another heat wave to get through and than maybe a monsoonal flow, thunderstorms next week, something we have not had so far this summer.

Flows are good, something we have not had in two years and the fish and the fishing are great. Caddis still pop’n about on the Truckee River and lots and lots of crayfish. You can say that crayfish make up a huge majority of a trouts diet here on the T. When folks ask why the dry fly fishing sucks on the Truckee look down in the river and look at the big rib eye steaks (crayfish) all over the river bottom. Would you come up and eat dry fly when you can eat lobster anytime you want? You wouldn’t. This time of year crayfish molt and are a soft shelled piece of protein that make these trout fat and famous all over the county. You can swing them, dead drift them, or jig them through the slots-my preferred way.

So get on up and enjoy summer here in Truckee. Not a lot of summer left, but fall fishing will be good too. I do have some spots left for July 30 Tight Line Nymph class.



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