High Water Clinic-1-28-17

High Water Clinic, Saturday January 28th.

With all the high water this winter it dawned on me, why not teach people to learn to fish in high water.  Honestly, it’s one of my favorite times to fish the Truckee River. Big water means big fish, just how it is. Challenging and fun. Fishing in high/off color water requires a totally different approach.

Next week is looking wet and snowy again here in Tahoe. The river will come up and could blow out once more again (if the storm is warm.) It will come back down, but it will be “big.” Obviously the river can be too big to fish, like this last week. It took about a week for the river to come down, but it’s still, big.

With all the snow we have now any future warm storms will result in a swollen Truckee River. Let’s hope we get cold storms coming out of the Gulf of Alaska, instead of the zonal moisture laden storms coming out of Hawaii. It could be wet into spring, or maybe summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if Reno flooded again this year. We got lucky this week because the storm mixed with a GOA low, or we might have been washed away. Flows could and probably will remain higher than average this winter.

Remember, fish can see, you just have to fish in high off cooler water and they can be caught. Streamer rigs can be good, nymph rigs and dry dropper rigs, and yes even tight line rigs. So all rigs can work, it’s how you rig them and the water you target that will determine your success. Sometimes big generic nymphs work, sometimes the streamer, sometimes suspending your nymphs off the dry, or under a bobber are best. Perhaps dead drifting a streamer. We’ll do a little of everything. I’ve caught my biggest fish on the Truckee River in the winter coming off the tail end of big storms and big water.

As far as rods, well, it’s kinda open ended. Bring what you have. Floating lines and any trout rod. The best all around rod is a 10 foot 5 wt for this river, but we can work with anything. Flies will be the most important and I will show you my flies and we will fish my flies. I will rods as well.

Cost is $200. I will limit this class to 3-4 anglers. Call, or email and I’ll get a deposit if you want to attend.

As always we will meet off the Hirschdale exit at 9:30. We will go for about 5 hours or so. Remember this is a class, not a guide trip and sticking fish is not the end game, learning how to stick those fish in high water is.

I do have some dates for the streamer class on the 18th, sold out on the 11th.

Fishing report tomorrow and I have been fishing this week.










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