Truckee River Fishing Report-1-25-17

Finally stopped snowing.

We’re coming off the heals of our biggest January snows ever in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee area. The’ve been keeping records for a long time. Personally, I’m sick of shoveling out, running the snow blower, and power outages. I think everyone feels the same. It’s awesome though and everyone is stoked.

We now have a good window to fish the Truckee River. (I’ve been fishing it actually during these storms.) Not going to be easy finding anywhere to park. Bring yourself a shovel in case you get stuck. We have about 4 feet here in the Hirsch. There is snow down lower on the river now too. Floriston, Farad, everywhere snow. Anywhere up higher you can forget about it, parking that is. Probably your best bet is to get dropped off and hoof it to the river, or find a spot somewhere and hoof it. Plows are still cleaning things up, don’t be a dummy and get in their way.

The Nevada side is a good call now because it’s basically snow free. The Nevada side is coming back. Not as good as the salad days, but she’s healing and getting there.

Flows are about 580 or so here in the Hirsh. A little big, but almost perfect bigger flows. Should be some good winter fishing going on now. Cold in the mornings, pretty nice during the day.

I have 2 spots open for the streamer clinic on the 18th. 1 spot open for this weekends high water clinic.


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