Truckee River Fishing Report-2-20-17

Still around 2000 cfs here in the Hirsch, on the Truckee River. Big pumping flows. 

Way more manageable up above Prosser Ck, and the Glenshire Dr. stretch of the river. Not my style up there, but way fishable. More rain and snow on the way. Hopefully more snow than rain.

They have water dumping out of Stampede and into Boca They are dumping water put of Boca too. This is why flows on the lower river are so high. Get used to it folks. Flows are going to be high all spring and into early summer. You will have to look for soft spots where fish can get out of current. Then you have to make them eat. Easier said than done. I have my work cut out for me.

We actually did all right this weekend here round my parts Had a good steamer clinic and got some trouts on nymphs too. So it can be done. The fish you do catch are usually pretty healthy and big. Remember, fish can see just fine in big flows. They have so much shit floating past them that they may not pick up your fly on the first drift. Be patient and fish cool.

Pyramid Lake is back open. From the reports I got this weekend is was suppppppppeeeeeeer good out there.

So all in all the Truckee River actually has a lot of fishable water when not much else in the state of California is happening. The best time at Pyramid Lake is happening about right now until about mid-April.



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