Truckee River Fishing Report-4-3-17

Still high and big on the Truckee River. Ain’t gonna change anytime soon. Despite the high flows the fishing is pretty good.

Look for the slack water and fish should be there. If you go out and hook fish anytime of the year on the Truckee River, you’re doing good. We’ve been hooking fish and it’s all relative. You may have perfect flows, prefect weather and do shitty on this river. We have high flows now, and shitty weather last week, and we did very good. So-it really don’t matter what the flows are at or what the weather is doing.

Fish the edges, get your flies deep in the zone. Trouts are right off the bank, and the bank is deep water right now. The 2 best ways are to tight line nymph the banks, or streamer fish the banks with a heavy fly and a floating line. You do not need a switch rod like some people hype up. Fish are right out in front you. If you waded into your balls you’ve gone too far. So put on some lead, a dirt snake or a big ass have sculpin and fish it around your favorite bank and see what happens. The fish of your lifetime is right now.

We had a very successful streamer clinic this weekend. Look for more clinics in the future and change the way you fish.


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