Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-8-31-17

Not much change since last week on the Truckee River. 

Cool at night and warm to very warm in the afternoons. Like I’ve been saying, your best time to hook fish is in the mornings and evenings. Mid-day you’ll have a tough go at it.

Lot’s of small fish being hooked and an occasional big fish. It will not be long until those big fish turn on again. They are still very spread out. Think about all the big fish we caught in the spring when the fish were concentrated in a few spots. Much easier when they’re like that then they are now. You have to cover a lot of water until you find them right now. Maybe you were a hero in the spring on the Truckee River and now find yourself shooting blanks. Don’t worry, things will really pick up shortly.

Been in Nevada a bit more of late. The river is in great shape in the Battle Born State. I’ve been very impressed at the numbers of small wild fish. Rainbows and browns. They grow quick down there. Should be real good in the future, and its descent right now. The stuff way East is looking good too. So back to floating that stretch this fall with folks.


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