Truckee River Fishing Report-10-30-17

Dominating high pressure ridge, but things are going to change.

Really nothing here to report since last report. Flows and weather have remained much the same this month on the Truckee River. Cold nights, warm days.

Things should change by this weekend. Looks like we won’t see daytime temps this warm until next spring. So buckle up for winter and good November fishing. October was kind of a dud on many fronts. Trouts just don’t like sunny hot Octobers. They like it rainy and cloudy. November will fish like a normal October. This October was very warm for our neck of the woods. Expect good streamer fishing and probably some descent dry fly fishing this November. Have the small blue wings tied up and have the sculpins ready to go.

I’ve been and about guiding on both sides of the river. No one side is really fishing better than the other. Fishing has been hit and miss. Some days you hit it and some you don’t.

If you want to learn more about streamer fishing on the Truckee River, join me for the Streamer Clinic coming up.




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