Truckee River Fishing Report-11-13-17

Some weather finally for the Truckee River watershed.

Good rain and snow in the forecast this week. I imagine the Truckee River should come up some if we are to get what is in the forecast. Up to 4-8 inches of water up on the crest and 2-4 inches on the East side? That’s a lot. How much of that translates into snow, we’ll see. Rain makes the river come up, snow, not so much.

Rain will be good. Raise the river a bit and get the trouts moving around and eating real good. It should help for the streamer clinic this weekend too. The streamer clinic is sold out, but look for some more this winter.

I have been doing more guiding down through the Nature Conservancy on the Nevada side of the Truckee River. In fact, I haven’t floated a certain section in almost 3 years. First cast old Fredy G nailed a 20 incher, good sign for sure. We got a few more over 20″ that day and the next. I would say we’ve been doing well down there, not great. Not quite back to the salad days, but she’s getting there. Always hard to judge then vs now on this river because even back in the day we’d have some slow ass days. Saw a lot of folks fishing and enjoying the river down there too, very good to see. If you want to check it out get it the raft with me this winter.

So for now winter is coming and we actually do better on some days in the winter then the summer. Trouts will concentrate in the deeper slower runs and pools make them much easier to target. Getting them to eat is easier said then done though.



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