Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-12-22-17

Flows have dropped down into the upper 300’s here in the Hirsch and a bit higher down below. Clear and cold. Everyones waiting for some big storms. 

Clear and cold has kinda been the theme this month. Single digits to teens in the morning and trying to warm in the afternoons. We had a little duster of snow, just enough to f up the driveway, and that’s about it. Still no anchor ice, or slush puppies in the river. Trouts can be caught. Pick the warmest time of the day.

Nymph up wth eggs and worms and small midges and baetis. Water is clear so you have to downsize you tippet and really hit these fish on the head. Usually the fish you get are pretty legit this time of year. Reno, and the Nevada side are usually better options this time of year on the Truckee River, however, they’ve had some bad inversions and its cold there too.

Pray for snow. The teleconnections say we’re heading into a wet period mid-January. That’s another 2 weeks of dry weather though. I think we’d be ok with a dry winter, but, we need snow. Everyone has PTSD after the big drought. I think it will happen, we just have to be patient.


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