Truckee River Fishing Report-4-15-18

Good good fishing despite the high water.

Hell, the Truckee River really don’t get good until she hits flood stage, ha ha.

Actually flows have dropped since last week. Little less water coming out of Boca, but still a lot coming out of Lake Tahoe. We’ve caught some nice fish this week.

So you’ll have to find water where trouts can get out of the current. Then you have to get your flies to the bottom. Then you’ll probably loose a bunch of flies in the weeds and things. So it ain’t easy, but the rewards are worth it. Fish the big nymphs, and fish streamers. Fish are at your feet. If you are fishing in any kind of current, you will not catch fish. Slow, slow bank water.

About 3,200 cfs here in the Hirsch. Big water, not for the timid. Higher as you go down river into Nevada. Like I say though, this is when you get them big fish. High water. I have know idea how long they will be pumping the water out of Tahoe. I’ll take these high flows though, don’t bother me a bit.


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