Truckee River Fishing Report-9-17-18

Another fine week on the Truckee River. Bit windy, but pretty great weather. Looks to be the same this week, minus the winds. Cold mornings in Truckee, followed by nice t-shirt afternoons. Nice in Reno too. Great time to be out on the Truckee River. Good fall flows also.

The Advanced Fly Fishing Clinic has 2 spots left. There was just one left, but a few guys opted to go solo- so a few spots opened up. I may have to do a clinic blog post. It’s a bottoms up clinic. Bottom to the top of the water column. This clinic is 2 days, and we will cover 3 main types of styles I fish with a little dry fly fishing stuff to boot. 9-4 pm, each of the days. A little longer clinic. We will be doing cutting edge shit. We are not throwing a thingamabobber on and putting a prince nymph below it. Not that, that wouldn’t work, ha ha. I’ve really stepped up my streamer game and tight line nymph game in the last few years. I will show you guys everything. I’m trying to ramp up the Gilligan’s School of Fly Fishing. Do look for more 2 day clinics next year. This one is October 27th and 28th. 

I’ve been spending more time on the Nevada side of the river now that the weather is cooler. Good solid fishing. Like I say, that is your best trip with me, now until late spring next year. There are exceptions, and I do fish the Cali side still, actually a lot,but mainly, that’s my stomping grounds until spring. The lower about 20 miles of the Truckee River is some really good stuff. Big boys. It seems that side has almost rebounded fully since the drought. There’s days it is as good as any river in the West.

Not much change in bugs and water types to fish since last post. Please scroll through the last few weeks if need be.




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