Truckee River Fishing Report-12-17-18

Good winter fishing on the Truckee River.

Weather was much more mild this last week. Except for Monday, should be mild with high pressure building in until Christmas.

So that should mean a good week -and weekend of fishing. Flows have been bumped up on the Truckee River coming out of Boca. Flows out of Stampede on the LT have been bumped up too. 350 or so here in the Hirsch, 450 out down East. Really good flows for right now.

I’ve been out East on the Lower Truckee River tangling with big brown trouts and rainbows. Streamer fishing mainly. We’ve been averaging about 1-5 grabs a trip. A few of those being a fish of your life, no joke. They grow big in the desert. Gotta strip set though, or it’s just a fleeting moment etched in your memory. Super fun stuff. Gotta be the most fun thing to do with a fly rod. Watching a brown trout move off a bank and nailing your streamer.

Lots of anglers getting on the Float Special in Nevada.




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