Truckee River Fishing Report-2-11-19

Digging out.

Sorry for the delayed post. This is the first time I’ve been able to log into my web site. You can always keep up on my Instagram.

Big, big snows, kinda 2010-2011, around here right now. Big cold GOA lows coming down and hammering us. We have well over 5 feet of snow here in the Hirsch. It’s deep deep up top. It’s cold too. -9 here this morning. Almost sick of winter now.

Good luck finding anywhere to park if you fish up here in Ca. Nevada is a way better option as there’s little to snow at all. Hoofing it down to the river won’t be easy until that snow gets packed down. Another big storm on the way. Gonna get warm , then cold again. Cold and snow for the weekend too. I’m sure 80 will be closed for a prolonged time once again this week.

I’ve been still in Nevada floating and mostly streamer fishing. Kinda ok is all. If the water would warm up a bit things would be much better on that front. Nymphing has been good down there though. I’m thinking March for some good streamer fishing.

Who knows how high the river will get this week. I imagine all this snow will suck up a lot of the rain. Check the gauges for flows. Fishing is usually pretty good with the higher flows if you can get up here.






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