Truckee River Fishing Report-4-1-19

Another week of rain and snow on the way.

Nice weekend though, after yet another week of rain and snow.

Flows have actually dropped a bit and clarity is really good on the Truckee River. Saw lots of folks out this weekend here in Hirschdale and from what it sounds like, most folks were catching a few fish. Access is pretty good now, most of the low lying snow has melted, but man, we are going to have a ton melting soon. When, hard to say. It’s a slow melt right now.

About 2,000 k, here, a bit higher down in the battle born state. Fishing is pretty good just about everywhere if you find some soft water. This is when you get them big boys. It will be interesting to see what kind of poundage we put in the net this spring. We have some big trouts in this river. It’s already starting off pretty good this spring, poundage wise. The river will get much higher and this fish will probably just get bigger. We crushed them in ’17, and it looks to be a lot the same here in ’19.

So get after ’em, be safe and have fun.


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