Truckee River Fishing Report-6-29-19

Yep, I was right. 

Flows should come down right around the 4th of July.

Flows have already dropped. 800 cfs here in the Hirsch. 600 would be be pretty average. So we’re pretty much done with our high water. Kinda on fire fishing wise. Well, at least for our river. The Truckee River ain’t the San Juan, so stay humble.

This is when the fun fishing goes down. Picking trouts out all the fast water, poker water slots, and things like that. Tight line nymphing should be your go to rig. Lots of bugs out, but most these fish could give a rats ass about a little dry fly during the day. I’m guessing next few days we see some caddis hatches in the evening. Then you can get some on top for sure. You can, and it is fun throwing a big dry and some droppers behind it. Occasionally one will poke up and slam the dry. Dry dropper fishing is a fun way to fish.

So right now you have every insect available to trout going down. Early summer is when the most available food is present. Sure, there’s times when fish will key in on one bug. Right now lots of different flies will do the trick. Get a good drift, fish the correct water. You should catch some fish.

Go get stocked up on G-6’s. It’s about to go down. You can always keep up on fish picture and things here. 



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