Truckee River Fishing Report-7-21-19

Sliding right through summer on the Truckee River.

Fishing has been good in the morning. Shitty in the afternoons. Good at dark again. That’s the pattern right now. Forecast is for things to heat up next week. 100’s in the valley, and I’m betting 90’s in the Hirsch. No, I will not take you out in the afternoon until it cools. If you want a death march, please do so on your own.

Hotter weather will make the fishing actually better. It pulls all the fish into the fast water. Perfect for the tight line rigs. Much like winter when all the fish are in the slow water. We’ve caught a few of our biggest fish on this river at about 9 o’clock in the next few weeks-over the years.  We’ve caught some of our biggest fish in December too. Advantage to the angler that know the right water to fish. It’s tough breaking down the river here in the summer, but if you have some building blocks, super fun, and the river is your oyster. Probably not the best time to be on the water with a guide right out of guide school. You need an old grizzled veteran.

So get after it. Find the areas in the river where there is a fast gradient. Oxygenated water supports trouts this time of year. Crayfish, and golden stones should be your big nymphs. Anything else will work. Caddis, mayflies, etc. Remember, what’s the difference between a good nymphing angler and a poor one? Split shot.

Get on the good foot and get schooled up in a Tight Line Nymph Class. 




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