Truckee River Fishing Report-11-12-19

Same old same old on the Truckee River. 

Nothing to really change things. Weather and flows have been stagnant for the last month. We need some rain/snow. Not that the fishing is poor, just be nice to have some different kind of weather.

We’re catching fish, but mainly on the nymphs. Not a lot of streamer action on the lower river. Didn’t think we’d have 70 degree weather in November. Maybe it’s the new norm. Hard to complain when you’re catching trouts in a t-shirt in November, weird.

So, not much change since the last report, or the last 4 for that matter. I’m mainly guiding/floating the lower river in Nevada. Alternating between 2 main floats, but I have 4 different sections to fish. Miles of river down there, and miles of solitude. Mostly, we don’t see other anglers. I’m surprised when I do sometimes.


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