Truckee River Fishing Report-12-29-19

Cold has been the word on the Truckee River.

No post last week as we were on the East Coast and no fishing for me. 

So the last 3 days, I’ve been on the lower river. It’s been cold. One or two grabs each day on the streamers. Yes, very slow, but the ones that did eat have been big, real big. Lows overnight in Reno have been around 12 degrees. That’s about as cold as she gets. Obviously, that has lowered the water temps tremendously making most trouts very sluggish. You have to get the stars to align when the water gets that cold, or bobber fish the shit out of the frog water.

This week looks to be much warmer. Balmy compared to last week, and the kinda week that will make good fishing all up and down the river. Warmer overnight lows, warmer daytime temps. If you’re up here on vacation and ain’t skiing, you’ll have a shot at some descent winter fishing.

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