Truckee River Fishing Report-3-17-20

Big snow for Tahoe. We are buried.

Anywhere from, 4.5 to 9, feet up top, 3 feet here in the Hirsch. That’s in just 3 days. Money in the bank for summer. Looks like we will get more next week, after we dry out this week. It just takes a few big storm cycles for us. Feast or famine.

Fishing is super duper good with the bump in flows out of Boca. It’s good all up and down the river below Boca. Like I say, now, until early summer is when you get the big trouts. Good luck finding them sometimes in the summer months.

Flows are a perfect, almost, 700 cfs, here in my neighborhood. I like between, 600- 800 cfs, below Boca. Those are perfect flows. Good for wading, or putting the raft in. Higher, but not much, down on the lower river in Nevada.  A nice perfect size river right now.

I’m hoping we can end up with about 75% of normal snowpack. The ways it’s looking, we are on track. I told everyone that we had some winter left. You can always see more up to date stuff on the ole Instagram.




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