Truckee River Fishing Report-5-6-20

I’m back to guiding on the Truckee River.

Started last week, good to be back at it. In fact, never had the phone ring this much in May. Thinking everyone needs to get out of the house.

The Truckee River is in great shape this spring. Around 1,100 cfs here in the Hirsch, and a bit higher the lower you go down the river. High yes, but it’s spring. Weather is perfect.

So nice to be working again. I really do love my job even after all these years. It can be a physically demanding job, and sometimes managing different personalities, can be, well, a challenge, and on top of that, the Truckee River is the toughest river in the West. I’m up for it, and, most of all, I love showing folks my river.  She’s the best there is.

Like I say, rivers in perfect shape. Bugs galore. Trouts eating streamers, and of course, nymphs all day long. Still at that time of year that when you do get fish, they’re on the bigger side. Not a lot of numbers, but quality, yes. That’s spring fishing.



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