Truckee River Fishing Report-5-12-20

Little cooler this week on the Truckee River.

Raining today. Really good fishing weather. It’ll be hot before you know it, nice to have a little rain right now.

Flows are still up, up and down the river. It’s spring. Clarity is really good. In fact, almost too good. I like it off color. Don’t like when those trouts can see me. They see everything.

I’ve had so many questions asking if I’m allowed to guide. Yes, the only reason I wasn’t there for a bit, was that there was a SIP order for all of California. That, and I didn’t want to get the family sick, risking taking someone out. Now, it’s business as usual. Trying to be safe, and I’m sure we will be. I really don’t have any days open this month left. Good to be busy.

Fishing is good. Not easy, but good. Some big boys and girls getting caught. Just have to fish that zone where fish can get out of current. 1,100 cubes is a big river. Not always easy finding that soft water. The river is big from Boca on down into Nevada. If it’s too big for you. Fish from Boca on up through Truckee. There’s fish all over.



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