Truckee River Fishing Report-5-20-20

Good soaking rains.

Seems about right for May. 80 degrees, then back in the 40’s. Just when you put out the patio furniture.

Anyways, the rivers back to normal flows, or at least what it was before this rain. Fishing is good, or hard, depending on how you can adjust to the higher flows.

1,100 and change from here on down the river. That ain’t easy pickings. The Truckee River is a tough SOB. I’ve had some good guide days lately, and some really shitty ones. It’s not that big compared to the last few springs, but it’s big.

I’ve been on both sides, Nevada and CA. Down lower in Nevada, I’ve done well. We had a few good steamer days, and some good nymphing too. Lots o’ caddis. So, get some G-6 caddis in green, and you’ll light ’em up.

Just about every bug is out in spring. You could nymph with just about anything right now and it all could work. Pmd, green drake, golden stone, march brown, caddis. Get some flies that look a bit like everything. Hare’s ear, pt’s, etc. Just find the right water and you can find the trouts.




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