Truckee River Fishing Report-6-15-20

Good fishing on the Truckee River.

It’s June, don’t get a lot better. Bugs are out, deer are prancing, and the trouts are biting. Nice cool weather. By the end of the week looking to get hot. We’ll get in the normal summer mode. Nice and cool in the mornings, and hot in the afternoons. Flows are still up, but down about 200 cfs from last week.

Your best trout’n is going to be mid-morning, almost from here on out into September. You will mainly get your ass kicked by the sun and the heat in the afternoons. That’s summer on this river. It will be good again late in the evening. In the the evenings is when you bring the dry fly rod. No, you will not get fish on top unless you get lucky. Not saying they won’t jump on a chubby or a hopper or something. Day in and day out your flies must be on the bottom. Take a drive to Montana or Idaho, this is a blue collar river.

If you like getting after it and wading your ass off, this is the place. You can get some good numbers in the pocket water. It’s actually really fun to break the river down into slots and see where those fish are holding. Caddis usually reigns supreme. That, and crayfish.

Right now, we have lots of drakes happening, pmds, and caddis.


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