Truckee River Fishing Report-7-6-20

Really good solid fishing on the Truckee River.

Flows are down to a prefect 675 cfs in the Hirsch. Trout’n is good. Hasn’t gotten that hot yet either. Nice and cool out there in the mornings.

Like I always say this time of year when trouts are in the fast water. You have to get in there and get ’em. If you can’t wade well and move in the river well, you’ll be limited. If we have to fish the few runs around here in Hirschdale, you’ll do very poor. If you can fish the canyon type water with me, you’ll crush them. If you have the bum leg, or just can’t wade in the river well anymore, wait a few months to the fish move back in some easy water. I can’t take the boulders out of the river, can’t make the hiking easier, it’s the way it is.

So, nymph up on ’em. That is your best tool for these trout. Learn to read that summer time water. Make sure you have crayfish. It’s almost like a light switch when they start eating the anchor fly. Mine is always 100 % of the time in summer, a crayfish for my anchor. A golden stone works well too, especially when we get the nocturnal stones coming out in August. Use tippet that is strong enough. 3X-4X. Fluorocarbon is your friend. Doug O nailed it with the stonedaddy, because it looks like a crayfish, or a stonefly, and it don’t have big bunny claws that hinder it from sinking.

The photo above is Will getting worked by a big boy. That’s the water you need to fish. He’s come out a few times now and made the blog 2 weeks in a row.






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