Truckee River Fishing Report-8-4-20

Still good solid fishing on the Truckee River.

Flows have been prefect this summer and the fishing in the mornings is good. It is too hot in the afternoons. If you can get out in the mornings and effectively fish the pocket water, or faster water, you should get some fish. I wouldn’t fish the river past 2 on the Nevada side. That water gets way too warm. In CA, check the water temps. It’s been a vey hot summer.

Really not any change since last weeks post. Cool in the mornings, hot as shit in the afternoons. The best fishing is usually 7-11. It shouldn’t change from that for about another month.

Most of these trouts are in a crayfish frenzy. That’s good and bad. They’re eating lots of the real thing. Also, lots of nocturnal stones cutting loose. Thats a big meal too. Not a lot of other bugs. The dry fly fishing in the evening is kinda shitty. Summer time mode.

Dog days of August? Hard to say. We’ve got a few 30″ inchers over the years in August. I’m working on that again this year, as the river is primmed again with big brown trout like before the drought.




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