Truckee River Fishing Report-8-10-20

Still hot, still good solid a.m. fishing.

No change since last week. Flows and weather have pretty much stayed the same. Nice and cool in the a.m., hot in the afternoons. Summer will loose it’s grip here soon though.

Get in there and nymph up on that fast pocket water. find the slots, fish the tops of runs, etc. You have to be able to move in the river. Those trouts are not in the soft shit like in the winter and spring. Both the CA side, and the NV side, of the Truckee River, West of Reno, are fishing well. If you want mountains and pine trees, we fish in CA, for generally smaller fish this time of year. You want a chance at some big fish, you fish with me in NV, West of Reno. That’s always been the way. The drought put a glitch in the system. No more.







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