Truckee River Fishing Report-8-17-20

Dog days.

Though the fishing is pretty good in the mornings on the Truckee River. It is too hot to fish in the afternoons. Been almost as hot here in the Hirsch as Reno. Reno hasn’t got above 100 yet, which is shocking. Still it’s warm. About 95 here in the afternoon. Warm at night too.

So your best fishing is in the a.m. Trouts are in the fastest shit you can find. Look for slots in that fast pocket water. The best water is from Hirschdale into West Reno. “Hows the dry fly fishing?” Non existent is my reply. It’s almost always non existent on this river.  Put them flies on the bottom of the river. Go to Montana if you want to dry fly fish. “Hows the hopper fishing?” Shitty is my reply. We don’t have the ranches and farms with the hay and wheat fields along the river like they do elsewhere. Get your flies on the bottom of the river. What we do have are crayfish and big fish. We also get big nocturnal stones right now. August and September is that time for trout on crayfish and big stonefly nymphs. Tight line nymphing and being able to wade is your best friend this time of year on the Truckee River.




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