Truckee River Fishing Report-2-22-21

Hoping for a March Miracle.

We’re about 75% average with our snowpack right now. Be nice to bump that up bit. We’ll see. Good to have the water in the lakes come July, and August, when we need it.

For now, really not much change since the last report. Really hasn’t been that much change all winter. Flows have been pretty much the same, and same with the weather. The only difference now, the days are a bit longer, and the water should progressively warm a bit soon. Still very cold at night, teens around here the Hirsch. No major high water blow outs this winter, which is rare.

Still been mainly on the Nevada side. Not too good streamer fishing, good nymphing, and if you have a cloudy day, good to great dry fly fishing. Problem is, it’s generally sunny everyday around here. Those fish will not look up in the sun and poke their heads out.

So for now, lets see What March brings, at least those short winter days are behind us.



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