Truckee River Fishing Report-3-1-21

Cold and windy, then warm.

Kinda how it is when we don’t have any storms. Cold inside sliders, no moisture, just cold and wind. It might warm up a few days in the week, and it’s back to cold again. Mid 30’s, with 20 mph winds just wear on you. Hopefully, we can get at least a few big storms in March. Typically, March is one of our biggest snow months in Tahoe.

As far as the fishing, pretty good actually. Flows got a bump. Around 400 cubes up and down the river. I’ve been nymphing a lot more, so the catch rates go up. Still, you want a big brown trout, your best shot is streamer fishing. Getting sick of the droopy faces at the end of the day though. The nymphs are more forgiving, and put more smiles on the faces. Hard to resist the squirmy wormy this time of year.

I’ve mostly changed the way I fish, at least streamers, and nymphs. I feel if you let me change the way you fish, and use my rigs and rods, we’ll do better.


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