Truckee River Fishing Report-5-23-21

Glitch in the system, weather wise. Looks like we’ll get back on track this week.

Cold, and rain and snow on the Truckee River this last weekend. If you were out in it, it was damn cold. Should feel more like May this week. The lawn got watered, everything’s gonna be nice and green when the sun comes out.

Fish’n is good right now. Flows are up, but not like they would be with a big winter snowpack. Remember, we didn’t do that bad for snowfall in the Truckee River basin. Better then most of the state.  All of our water in the Truckee River is coming out of Lake Tahoe right now. Nada out of Boca. Boca is slowly filling up, probably won’t get to the top, but it’s something. We get all of our water later summer and through winter from Boca/ Stampede. Looks like we’ll have some, not plenty. Water usage and management on the Truckee River looks like a Webster’s dictionary.

We have a lot of happy trout this spring and things should really start pop’n this week with the warmer weather.


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