Truckee River Fishing Report-5-31-21

Looks like summer is here on the Truckee River.

When I start seeing caddis, it’s summer. They’re about a week or so early this year. Caddis are the blue collar bug of the Truckee River. Them green drakes will pop early too.

Flows have come down and are pretty average. Average normally for about the end of June. We go through this phase for a week or 2 every year when the river is on fire. Yes, you can sometimes have big number days in the Truckee River. It’s very much fishing good.

You should be nymphing with drakes, pmd, stones, and caddis. Fish heavy riffles and pocket water. Fish heavy riffles and pocket water until fall. If you can’t wade the river, your success will be limited. I’d rather guide a total beginner in the summer that can wade and get around in the river, then someone that can’t, and has a ton of experience. If you can’t get to the fish, you ain’t gonna catch them.


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