Truckee River Fishing Report-6-18-21

Another heat wave for the Truckee area.

Hot all over the West. Mid 90’s here in the Hirsch on the Truckee River.

Get out somewhat early and get your fishing in. Get your flies down and dirty in that fast pocket water. Now is really a fun time to fish when you can break down the river and find the slots. All the mid-river slots have trouts in them. The river is right around 450 cubes. Those fish aren’t really on the banks and in close. They like the mid river bigger slots and buckets. Remember, the best angler is the efficient angler. Not the guy using 5x and retying his rig every 2 minutes. The euro guys really push that small tippet and rod thing. We euro nymph 100 percent of the time, that is when we aren’t streamer fishing. I guess, I’m a euro guy; however, I use the right tippet and equipment for the job. I’m an American damnit.

Water temps are fine right now. I’d advise you to get a water thermometer. Use it if you go out in the afternoons. Above 68, don’t fish. Check the water temps if you’re down in Reno much earlier. Like Andy Burk used to say, fish cool. You ain’t being cool by being that guy out there at 3 in the afternoon.


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