Truckee River Fishing Report-7-8-21

Still hot on the Truckee River, and another heat wave looming. 

Good news is that overnight lows, at least in Truckee, haven’t been bad. 46 this morning in the Hirsch. Been right around 50 every morning. That means get out early and the fishing should be good. Soon as the sun gets high in the sky, them trouts get inactive. You got dark thirty to about 11 for good fishing. After that, get a water temp if you continue. Flows and water temps are not great through Reno, so I’ve been staying away.

Flows are still good all through the CA side. 450 here in the Hirsch. On a good snow year, we’d be about 550 right now. We’re hanging in there. Flows have actually been pretty good. Come mid-August, it will cool significantly at night. September we will get our first snow on Mt. Rose. We don’t have too long to go, it just seems like forever. Soon, I’ll be bitching about the cold.

Pretty much crayfish time. Kinda always crayfish time on the Truckee River. Lots of bait for them fish right now. Crayfish should be on your mind, because it’s on the fishes minds. Swing them, drift them, whatever.




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