Truckee River Fishing Report-7-16-21

The heat wave is over, thank God. 

More manageable weather now. It’ll barely hit 80 today. We’ve been in the mid-90’s.

All it takes is one cold night to lower the water temps and get the fish out of the funk. 37 this morning in the Hirsch. Much cooler in Reno too.

Speaking of Reno, I’ve stayed away for about 3 weeks. This morning water temps were 61, West of Reno. 67 when we stopped and 10. That’s in the ball park. Carry your thermometer and stop when the water gets warm.

So we should be good to go this week on the Truckee River. The CA side is sitting at about 450 cfs, up and down the river and will be considerably cooler than last week.


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