Truckee River Fishing Report-9-9-21

The smoke has cleared.

Thankfully South Lake was spared from the Calder Fire. Man that was close. Clean air and great weather now.

Flows on the Truckee River aren’t great, but they’re not horrible either. You can look at the glass half empty, or half full. 200 cfs ain’t too shabby right here in the Hirsch. I’ve seen many a falls when the water has been much lower. We’re lucky to have what we have. Down on the Nevada side it’s a bit of a bummer. Flows are much lower and I just can’t bring myself to fish it. When I was younger, yeah, but I’m an old man now and I got better things to do. Go wrangle with some carp down there instead. If you can jump a few carp, you’re a stud. They’re tough as shit to catch.

We’re getting all our water out of Donner, and some still out of Tahoe. Be interesting to see what they eventually release out of Boca.

Mainly baetis and mahoganys on the menu for now on. The dry fly fishing this fall with the lower water levels will be good. Of course the bigger trouts like the bigger snacks. Streamer fishing will be the way to go for the bigger fish.

Remember, the TNF is closed. That means the LT, all the lakes, Boca, Stampede, etc. The Truckee River is open as its not on National Forrest land.



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