Truckee River Fishing Report-1-10-22

The storms stopped, mainly clear and cold on the Truckee River.

Looks like we may have an almost shut out for January snow wise. Kinda a good thing actually as everyone needed to dig out. Winter will come back.

For now, enjoy the nice weather. Been on the cold side, but it’s been nice. You’ll be able to get better access to the river now that some of the snow has melted and has packed down. In Nevada, there is no snow, good to go.

Mostly, that’s where I’ve been. The streamer fishing has been pretty good this winter. It’s just about that time for the good dry fly fishing out East on the lower river. For about a month we get some solid blue wing hatches and lots of fish looking up. Fun to grab the dry fly rod and post up on some risers.


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