Truckee River-Pyramid Lake Fishing Report-11-21-15

Things are going to get interesting next week with very low temps and low elevation snow.

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Truckee River-Pyramid Lake Fishing Report-11-16-15

Very cold to start the week off. Looks looks like this is the last of the Sunday storms.

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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report-11-11-15

It’s cold in the high desert of Western Nevada this November. Feels like the Pyramid Lake everyone remembers. 

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Truckee River-Little Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-11-8-15

Definitely cold this week, a good warm up during the last couple days, but more cold weather is on the way. Kinda feels like a mid-winter type weather pattern and it’s only early November.

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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report-11-6-15

It finally feels like the old Pyramid Lake I remember in November, you know, freezing your ass off and catching big cutts. It is winter now in the high desert.

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Switch Rods for Pyramid Lake

Fly fishing with two handed fly rods at Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

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Truckee River-Little Truckee River- Fishing Report-10-29-15

It’s looking like November will be nothing like October at least temperature wise. This month was not warm, but more like hot in the Truckee-Tahoe-Reno area. We had a dusting of snow on the higher peaks yesterday, and it’s looking like a cold storm is on it’s way Sunday.

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Truckee River Fishing Report-10-24-15

Much of the same here on the Truckee River since last post. Cool calm days and pretty good fishing.

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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report-10-20-15

The fly fishing is starting to get a little more interesting out at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Interesting meaning the fish are starting to cruise into the beaches from time to time.

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Truckee River-Little Truckee River Fishing Report-10-19-15

Finally a return of fall. Things were a little hot up here last week and I do not mean the fishing. Looks like temps will stay cool and crisp for now.

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