Truckee River Fly Fishing

Truckee River Fishing Report 4-21-14

The June like weather we’ve had all month will end this week in the greater Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Reno area. Yes, this April has felt more like a typical June.

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Fly Fishing The Truckee River

Truckee River Fishing Report 4-17-14

Continued warmer than average weather in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno are on the Truckee River. Blue bird days. Flows are up a bit, but nothing that bad really, rivers a little off color: for mid-April, the rivers in great shape.

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Pyramid Lake Guided Fly Fishing

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 4-15-14

Ask yourself how long it’s been since a trout, not s steelhead has taken you into your backing, if you can’t remember than it’s time to get out to Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

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Truckee River Fly Fishing

Truckee River Fishing Report 4-12-14

The Truckee Rivers getting a little bit bigger with this recent warm weather we’ve been having. 550 cfs or so here in Hirschdale, and way down below into Nevada, about 650 cfs or so.

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High Sticking the Truckee River

Nymph Clinic With Doug O- May 10th and 24th

If you missed out last year the good news is we are back with a new series of clinics. Doug Ouellette and I will be hosting two clinics on May 10th and May 24th. We’ll be adding a few more this summer and into the falI as well.

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Guided Fly Fishing Truckee River Nevada

Truckee River Fishing Report 4-7-14

More like spring again here in Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno on the Truckee River. 60′s-and 70′s last few days in Truckee-Reno, way different than last week. Fish seem to responding to the warmer weather and slightly warming water temps.

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Truckee River Nevada

Truckee River Fishing Report 4-4-14

After about a week hiatus from the Truckee River mainly from the nasty weather we’ve had here in Truckee-Tahoe, finally  got back after it the last few days. Wind and snow is cool in the fall and winter, but in the spring it just doesn’t feel right, and all last week was pretty nasty.

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Pyramid Lake Nevada Guided Fly Fishing

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 4-2-14

Finally some winter weather and much needed snow and rain for the Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area. I haven’t been on the river at all in over a week, mainly due to the weather, wind was the main reason, but also because Pyramid Lake has been fishing so well.

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Aire Super Puma Outcast Pac 1300 For Sale

Aire Super Puma For Sale

I’m selling my raft.

Aire Super Puma for sale. Same boat as an Outcast Pac 1300. The boat is three years old and has always been garaged. It has never been patched, or does it leak air.

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Guided Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake Nevada

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 3-27-14

It’s that time of year for Pyramid Lake in Western Nevada when big Cutthroat Trout cruise the shallow water and drop-offs close to the beaches. Fishing can be pretty fantastic in spring at Pyramid if you choose the right beach and wind direction.

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