Little Truckee River

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report 10-16-14

Finally some weather has rolled through the greater Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area.

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Little Truckee River-Pyramid Lake Fishing Report- 9-22-14

Please don’t hate on me for giving a report on the Little Truckee River. I usually don’t, but since the Truckee River is flowing at about the same rate as the LT in spots, why not, and please, it’s not like it’s any kind of a secret spot.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 8/3/12

It’s hot, weather wise up here. It’s been a hot dry summer. The fishing is still good on the Truckee River. I wouldn’t say it’s off the charts great, but we’re getting into them. Historically, July is the warmest month of the year in Tahoe-Truckee. In August days start getting a bit shorter, nights longer, and by the end of this month I’ll be scrambling to cut wood, and be wearing waders again. Fish have got one thing on their mind, crayfish. When the crayfish molt on the Truckee River, trout are like dogs in heat. I had two cancellations this week, to stay in practice, I went out and fished. One day I did shitty. Today, I had fish breaking me off on 2x. Very large trout. Three fish broke off right at the knot. I’ll talk more about knots later on down the road. That shouldn’t happen. I know how to tie knots. After today, I’m back using the duncan loop exclusively for larger flies. I even got a mid-day session on the LT yesterday. My dry fly skills are not what they used to be, but still stuck a few. In my opinion, the Little Truckee has been overused and mis-mangaged. Mainly because it has not been managed at all.  The LT is becoming a shadow of what it used to be. I basically took myself out of the guiding picture there. It’s a shame others haven’t.

Jesus Was A Carpenter Ant

They’re here, our big winged carpenter ants of spring. Fun stuff. All of our finned friends in rivers around Truckee-Tahoe-Western Nevada, lakes, and tribs, will have ants on their minds for the next couple weeks. You can do some prospecting with a single ant pattern, or get one a little bigger like a chernobyl, and hang some droppers off the back. Besides the chernobyl, my Jesus Was a Carpenter Ant is a good one, it’s available only at Mountain Hardware in Truckee, and it floats well enough to hang some droppers off the back. Also another good fly from Solitude is the RPS ant, a true killer. Some photos from the last few on the Truckee River.

Put That Damn Thing Away


Little Truckee Rainbow Ca from Gilligans Guide Service on Vimeo.

Give your thingamabobber a rest if you’re out on the Little Truckee River. No fish where caught on nymphs in the production of this video. Go look for some heads, or make some come up, say, for a terrestrial of some kind. Flows are a good -dry fly fishing- 200 cubes out there.

It’s The Park Not The Bite

Ain’t to many places to fish up here except for the Little Truckee River, and everyone else feels the same. The upper lot gets hammered all season long. The Truckee River has been raging this week, and looks like your latte you’d get at Starbucks. The Little Truckee is tough fishing at these flows, in the high 600’s, but fish can be caught. Usually, this time of year my buddy Joe’s yelling, “the fish are looking up”, and they’d be munching on pmd’s mid-day, with the drakes not far behind. The good news is the Truckee River got some clarity back today, and dropped a bit, hopefully it’s not that far out. We had our first meeting last night, our local Truckee Trout Unlimited chapter, more of a briefing with the hydrologist, about our in stream restoration project for the lower meadow section of the LT.  The goal is to enhance trout habitat by adding downed trees, boulders, etc. in hopes it will ad better long term holding lyes and spawning beds for the lower section of river. This would help take some of the pressure off the top section of river.  This is a big project, and I’ll keep everyone informed. For me, I feel this is our first real project for our #103 chapter. These are some photos from this last week on the LT and a link to our local TU chapter. Join up and give us a hand.


The Little Truckee RIver

Managed a few hours with a neighbor and some friends yesterday on the LT. I say managed only because it felt like Antarctica again up here yesterday. I really don’t like posting reports on the LT as the place gets pretty hammered and me posting about it doesn’t help. The fishing was decent if you put enough weight on and got your flies down and dirty. Lots of blue wings, but no fish on top, not even in the 610. Flows are back in the 600 range, still very high for out there, but I think we’ve seen the height of the crest coming out of Stampede this last week. Go 3-4x on your nymphing rig, anything less than that is pointless. We got fish on rubberlegs, worms, and baetis nymphs. This brown ate my baetis nymph in a sz #16.

It Takes Me Back

Truckee River Brown Trout

Old friends fishing the Truckee River

Truckee RIver Fly Fishing


I put the boat in up along the 89 stretch the other day with some old friends. Dudes I’ve known for a long time, but lost touch with over the years. We had some PBR’s, and talked about old times while they pounded streamers on the banks. Things are different now, marriage, families, careers, but the more things change the more they stay the same. The fishing part wasn’t the best, water came up a bunch, but who cares, that’s really not what it’s about. Life’s a full circle, it’s weird how people and things come back in your life. I did manage to get this pretty little brown with his mouth stuffed full of my Skipper Stone where the wife and I got married a few years ago.


Little Truckee River

Little Truckee River

Yep, we’re in the midst of it, run-off. The LT is up over 600 cubes and the Truckee is up over 2000 near my house. Funny thing though, it does have pretty descent clarity and there are places to fish above the inflow of the Little Truckee (Boca), but the best bet on the Truckee is anywhere above Trout Creek all the way up towards Tahoe City. You could get creative and get off the grid, Stampede, Prosser, and Boca all fish well this time of year in certain arms of those lakes. I think we will have sustained high flows for awhile. For me this is a good time of year to cut wood, get the chores done, and fish a run or two in the afternoon before the real guiding season begins. Once the water comes down it will go off on every river and stream in the Tahoe area. Got this guy today, of course, after getting the garage cleaned up first.

Meanwhile over at The Little Truckee

The Little Truckee River

The Little Truckee River

The Little Truckee River

The Little Truckee River


Meanwhile over on the Little Truckee, being that you can usually find me on the Truckee. The Little Truckee is a great place and could be one of the finest tailwaters in the state. Problem is everyone else feels the same. Seems like you can’t even find a spot to park in the upper lot anymore. Big hatches of Honda Prii on the weekends up there. Since I made a vow to never fish the upper lot below Stampede anymore, I have a renewed interest in the lower stretches again. I have had a lot of great days out there and I’ve honed a lot of flies on the LT over the years, like my cripple series, and green drakes. I guess the reason so many people fish it is the size of the fish, which on average are pretty big. You’ll find me over there a little more the next few months as the Truckee’s pumping and time will tell when it will become fishable. These are some photos of today and Keith’s best impression of running down the man. Keith lost some really hard charging fish, but did land his first brown on a fly rod.