Truckee River Nevada


Truckee River Fishing Report 1-10-15

Finally, I feel as if the Truckee River is coming back into it’s own again. She’s starting to fish like the old river we love and remember.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 1-7-15

Not to much going on in the way of weather. If you like nice sunny days in the middle of winter then this is the time to come and fish the Truckee River.

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Truckee River Fly Fishing

Truckee River Fishing Report 12-6-14

Another Truckee River fishing report in the same week, I can get used to this again.

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Fly Fishing the Truckee Rive

Truckee River Fishing Report-Discounted Guide Trips-12-2-14

This has been a long time coming. Over two months since I’ve done a fishing report on the Truckee River.

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Spring is Here

Hard to believe today is the first day of Spring. We’re having a little glitch in system with some rain and snow this morning, but after two weeks of warm weather we need it. It would be nice to get a couple more snow storms before summer, but the way its looking, that’s iffy. Good news is that the fishing will be good all Spring. We will have some usual run-off periods on the river. I’m feeling this year will be like last year. Last year, I didn’t miss a day on the river because of water conditions. I like it when it’s high and fast. The snow is melting slowly right now, mainly because it’s still below freezing at night. The river has been staying in good shape. If you come up have skwalas, blue wings, march browns and some caddis. Spring is a great time to streamer fish and use big attractor dries. Get out and have some fun this Spring on the Truckee River.

Truckee River Fishing Report 3/16/13

All is can say is the fishing has been outstanding this week with the warm weather on the Truckee River. This is how it goes: On the East side of the Truckee River through the Conservancy and such, we are talking blue wing olives of epic proportions. Through Reno, and on the West side, skwalas, some march browns, and blue wings. In California, we are still waiting on the big spring blue wings and march browns, but skwalas are out, and yes, there are fish looking up. Of course, you want to have drys and nymphs of the mentioned bugs. I use my own patterns, which you can get at Mountain Hardware in Truckee. They are designed specifically for the Truckee River and produce fish. I’ve spent my time fishing in both states and both states are good. Yes, the California side is now fishing, which is good because of less people. Folks there are just as big as fish on the Cali side as on the Nevada side, they are just harder to get. Yesterday, I rowed my friends down the river. This is Chris from Montana with a streamer eater.

Blue Wings

Man, the blue wing hatches have been gnarly the last few days down on the lower Truckee River in Nevada. Funny though, if its blue bird, fish will stay down, and cloudy they’ll be up on top. This week will be sunny and warm. I’m sure we’ll also see descent hatches of march browns and skwalas throughout the entire system. Bugs galore I guess. Feels like spring has sprung up here in the mountains, the cheeseburger birds are out, and winter just doesn’t feel like it has much left. Wind kept us off the river most of this week, but we’ve been catching fish the last few days on top and down below. Ed tore into this one yesterday.

Truckee River Fishing Report 2/24/13

Well, it doesn’t look like we’re getting any storms in the distant future. Except for the shot we got this week, it’s been since December that we have had significant amounts of snow. Scary for water thirsty states such as California, and Nevada. The fishing is however is very good right now on the Truckee River and we can only hope the storm doors will open before summer.  Blue wings are coming off every day, flows are stable, and the weather is relatively mild. If this continues we will have epic early spring fishing. The dry fly fishing will continue to get better. Look for march browns and skwalas entering the mix here shortly, but right now it’s blue wing olive time. Sparkle duns, Adams, thorax duns, they all work. Emergers, cripples, and soft hackles should pick the ones off that want it sub-surface. Some days are better for dry fly fishing than others. Nymphing wise, of course have any type of baetis pattern. Streamer folks should be sticking some as well. Dennis with a couple of pigs from yesterday.

Truckee River Fishing Report 2/15/13


Hard to believe it’s already the middle of February and we haven’t had a significant storm in over six weeks. I guess I shouldn’t get to worried. We had a dry spell like this in 2010 and then look what happened. Next week we will get a good cold storm, we need it. Despite the lack of storms the Truckee River is still up, above 400 cubes from the Hirsch all the way down into the desert. It has been like that for days. Fish are strong and healthy. Lots of blue wings out each and every day now, streamer fishing getting better. Most fish are still in slower softer stuff, especially in California and down through Reno. Skwalas should make an appearance shortly with this warm weather. Remember, overnight lows are still in the teens here in the Hirsch, and we are behind on hatches compared to the Nevada side. East of Reno, trout are spreading out and you can now find them all over. You can also find a lot other anglers out there too. If you see some dude fishing, have some respect for your fellow fly fisherman, go kick rocks somewhere else.