High Water Clinic-4-6-19

High Water Clinic-Saturday April 6th.

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Winter Float Special-$375

Winter Float Special.

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Tight Line Nymph Clinic-6-23-18

Tight Line Nymph Clinic, Saturday, June 23rd.

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Pyramid Lake Clinic- 3-14-15

Doug O and I will be holding a Pyramid Lake Clinic at Pyramid Lake in Nevada on Saturday March 14th. This may be the last of our clinics at Pyramid this year.

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Sage Fly Rods

I got my first “real fly rod” on a trip to the Upper Sac when I was 13.

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Switch Rod- Swing Clinic- Truckee River 1-24-15

Slow and low that is the tempo. Got a two hander?  Welp, winter is a great time to use it on the Truckee River.

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Hirschdale Fire

We had a little scare here in Hirschdale, the land of trout and clear blue waters. Thankfully, we came out unscathed.

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Hoot Owl Closure

Flows are still fine on the Truckee River, don’t panic, but check this out if you fish the river.


I’m around a lot of different people and trout every day. I meet lots of characters, may as well take photos of them. I started taking the photo thing a little more serious of late, I’ll put a weeks worth of photos up here. That’s the direction I see this blog going. The site will be real plain, just random photos from the week. If you come up, there’s a good chance you’ll get a snapshot.

On Photography

I’ve used a lot of crappy digital point and shoot cameras over the years, nothing over a few hundred bucks, and they’re fine for goverment work, but you can only do so much with them.

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