Robert got this baby on his third cast today. Sometimes the Truckee River kicks some monsters out. 30 inches of brown trout. Robert put the wood to this monster and we landed him before the fish took off into fast water. Good job Robert. Nights have cooled, and the river is starting to fish again.

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  1. Paul

    Putting this in my newsletter — F##&ing HUGE! I was up there last weekend fantasizing about a catch like this.

  2. dp

    solid work, that’s an amazing fish. bet he’s a client for life.

  3. Shane Schuster

    Nice fish hope to see u next month Matt I’ll be up there testing for the FD. I’ll give u a call.

  4. blogadmin

    It ate a new nymph I’ve been messing around with, hopefully, I’ll get it out next year.

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