We got a little lucky yesterday and landed this big brown trout. Actually, it was in a slot that I’d hooked big fish before. Adam who is a great angler stuck this baby and off it went. We landed it about 200 yards downstream through fast water. When I say we, I mean it took both of us, angler and guide, working together to put that beast in the net. An epic battle of sorts. It ate a sz#14 Canadian Tuxedo nymph on 3x. Knots were good, tippet was strong, and Adam took his ass downstream with the fish. When it was over we cracked a brew. This fish was caught and released on public water in the Truckee River.

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  1. Paul Chisaki

    Outstanding fish!!! Dave from Tributary Whitewater Tours said there were some big brownies in there. He was describing this fish and thought perhaps the was exaggeratiing a bit…nope. proof is this picture!! Wow!!!

  2. Blake Hunter

    Nice work! Great looking feesh. Cali or Nev?

  3. Crazy Uncle Larry

    Still think you shoulda went with the Balls Deep, but I approve of the Canadian Tux. You still owe me naming royalties.

  4. Doc K

    Hope we find a hog or two like these fish later this week. Here Here!!!!!!!

  5. blogadmin

    Didn’t tape it, but it was big…The Canadian Tuxedo is a double beaded mayfly nymph. Two beads-thread-rib-ice dub thorax. Real flashy and heavy.

  6. avd

    It wasn’t you or me who deserves the credit for landing that fish – it was all about the fancy European swivel.

  7. Eric Iwafuchi

    Nice fish, what the heck is a Canadian Tuxedo nymph? I’m down south for another week and a half.

  8. Ty

    Very nice Matt! You’ve been killin the pigs the last few weeks. Still need to know what the hell a Canadian Tuxedo is, love the name btw!

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