Truckee River Fishing Report 1/4/14

Crazy to think that another year is upon us. The last few weeks on the Truckee River, in the greater Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area, have been pretty good fishing wise. Mild unseasonable weather has bestowed its blessing upon us, more like a curse really, but of course , mild weather in the winter means good trout fishing. Though air temps are warm, water temps are cold, and its still winter fishing season. Anglers should stick to runs and pools and fish them patiently. Midges are out, and getting all balled up in the afternoons putting a few fish on top, but mainly we’re nymphing, tight line, or indo. Lots of dudes out on the river since there ain’t no snow. Be courteous and move on if you see someone working a piece of water.

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  1. blogadmin

    2013 was the worst since they started keeping records. It used to dump in Truckee, Canada style, not so anymore.

  2. kevin massey

    so i have a problem…ive spotted this fish…3 times now…looks to be about twice the size of the others…but i cant get this thing to bite….slow clear water bout 5-6 feet deep..nev side of truckee.tried all i new but if i tossed a salmon egg at it i would prolly catch it.but i want this slob on my fly rod……any imput?…help

  3. Paul

    Seriously – how bad is this winter been and really since January of 2013?

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